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Friday, September 26, 2008

Checking the engine bay detail.

This car has some amazing points considering the extensive time it has been parked in the open under a tree. (15YEARS) Luckily a part of the broken front screen had the year and date of last registration . One of the first things that came to my attention was the low mileage 35683.9 could this be true for a car 36 years old? Let's take a look at some of the points that are tell tale signs to a low mileage car.
I will start the investigation under the bonnet and work our way through the car. This report will be done in sections are there are far to many point to cover in one go. The below image of the engine exposes this cars originality. I will do this in point format for simplicity.

1. All hose clamps original item.
2. Radiator hoses are genuine GM PN/ 7437639. Heater hoses I am not sure.
3. Engine paint original. Note the over spray onto the inlet manifold. This was standard on most V8 engines.
4. The factory amp meter wire (RED) routed down the passengers side rocker cover intact and still pliable. Engine harness has no peeling tape or brittle sections a sure sign of low miles.
5. The original spark plug wire retainers still there.

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