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Friday, September 26, 2008

Surface Finishes in the engine bay

I have seen many restored cars over the years. I have been mostly disappointed.
People lack of detail is simply unacceptable to me. We will endeavor to create a list of surface finishes that where used in and around the engine bay.
Once we have completed the engine we will move on to all remaining sub straights.
This detail alone will change the way a car looks once complete.
Please note that different methods out side of what we are suggesting may have been used. Manufactures may have changed materials or GM may have made improvements. So remember this is only a guide, we are basing our information on a 12 month 1972 Holden SS. The car is quite original and most surfaces will be identifiable.
1. Zinc silver
2. Rainbow zinc
3. Galvanizing
4. Etch primers used in manufacture

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