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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Radiator support done.

Radiator support complete. Once the sand blasting was done slight rust pin holes appeared on the battery side.
Luckily very easy repair.
Also of interest to restorer's that want's there work to last is the axsess holes in the radiator support at the bottom.
This allows for end-rusting to ensure long life for the support.
I simply fit grommets once the end-rusting is done.
I always do these on the rotor you will get the best results.
Both with paint and end-rusting. I made special mounts that bolt to the radiator support, a bit of time but well worth it.
These where dipped at the factory not possible for us due to cost.

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lboribon said...

JUst wondering what you have found out about the batteries that were in HQs. I have a couple of pictures showing a red lucas item but these are in 202s. I am also interested in finding out if you are planning on making the original battery cables with the spring clamps