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Monday, November 2, 2009


The early Canadian rally wheels are quite different than the Aussie made ones.
The Canadian pressings are quite defined and sharp compered to the Aussie ones.
There construction technique is different.
The quickest way to pick them is with the tyre removed they have huge spot welds as aganst the Aussie ones that are stitched welded from the back.
Also an original Canadian rim is painted Grey on the inside and also on inner side of the rim.
Paint colour are silver 350 and grey 350.The colour numbers form an original dulux formula book will tell you the correct numbers. The grey 350 has a green paint splash on it so is not viable when scaned so here it is 577-13384. Also the tinter numbered 3038 is a flattening base so both grey 350 and silver 350 are not a gloss.
They are flat.
So to do a restoration on your rims you will need three colours. Paint inside first then the grey then lastley the silver.
These rims are also date coded see


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