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Saturday, November 7, 2009



Lindsay said...

Hello. Firstly got to say that this is going to be great when finished. Good to see someone spending this time and effort on a HQ.

Noticed that the rubber brake line has a white tag on it. Can you please provide some info on exactly what this is. Also noticed that the colour of the plastic ring on the same item is brown. I am restoring a Melb 72 LS and noticed that mine are light green. Can you provide any info on these?

Keep up the good work.

yz125x said...

Hi Lindsay
HQ will come into the own in time im sure.
As for the brake lines I have a system i use for restoration with white flags, Once these flags go on I know that the required detail is complete. Once the car is complete I remove all the flags.
As to GM Colour coding bands system I do not know. it would possibly be a date system used by line manufactures.
I used the same colour as was originally on the car.
Scott Wilson

richard said...

Hi Scott,

Great job mate, can't wait to see the finshed product. One question, the brake master cyl cap painted black. I haven't seen that before, whats the story on that one?



yz125x said...

Hi Richard
Waiting for the Zinc to come back from the platers It will be in silver Zinc

Stephen said...

Hi, fantastic job.

I have a 75 HJ GTS 4 Door and intend to do a job like this on her one day. I sometimes think shes a bit too good to do the whole hog on but gee its looks good on yours. As you say attention to detail is everything and it really shows in what you have done so far.

Your Q is going to be a beauty!

I keep checking you site for updates so please keep them coming.

The layout and quality of the photos are really appreciated for those of us who have a bit of a fetish for Holdens of this era.

They will be a useful tool when I get around to doing my car being that the HQ & HJ aren’t exactly worlds apart.

I wonder if you have more pics of the rotisserie ie. the mounting points in detail and the unit and when you did the panel gapping.

Again fantastic job! Thanks for taking time out to share the process with the world.

mickmoto said...

As usual your doing a wonderful job .
Where did you find a shell in such good condition .
Keep up the great job ,Id love to check out the finished product

Buddyk said...

Hi Scott,

What a great site, and what a great resto. If mine is half as good I will be happy.

My question is for the firewall colour. I have already had the car sandblasted but should have matched it up before hand. Do you have a colour code for this colour. I understand it is a standard Holden black with left overs of the day, but that would be a hard way to tell the painter to do it.

One last question on that colour. I have been told that the SS boot is done in the same colour, but I don't remember mine being in that colour. It has always been black. Am I wrong?