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Friday, March 20, 2009

Body shell bare metal.

Once all the paint is chemically removed you will expose the real car and this one is fantastic. All factory lead loads in place and all A1.
Take a look at the rear end shot and you will see the 4 factory lead loads all in place.
There has been a small unacceptable repair on the beaver tail near fuel neck aperture. This will be easily rectified.
The cowl panel looked A1, but I have repaired too many of these cars to let it go through without proper inspection.
If you take a look at the cowl panel shot you will notice a join mark at 250mm from the cowl corner crossing the cowl to the rear corner where the guard mounts. I always remove these panels so the plenum chamber and pillar can be inspected and repaired correctly.
Also the dried out old sealer can be replaced. This car on inspection had the start of a rust problem in the plenum it has been rectified with a new section of plenum.
Sealer has been renewed and the cowl top has been reinstalled.
PS we also stripped the boot floor and wheel houses inside.
NEXT to do.
So what next... is the complete cleaning of all sheet metal. Then we can move on to painting the floor pan underside. The trick with these is to get the paint right you will need three colours. The first colour on is black. Not just black anything, but a grey black as most of the mechanical components are. After much study of components we have found that the are all nearly the same colour from control arms to steering box, radiator support, inner guards etc.
This is only correct for HQ. I have not studied HJ HX HZ, however I know WB had a more brown colour. Anyway that's another day.

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